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Coronavirus - English Translation

Madam, Sir,

The lockdown measures that were recently taken at the national level, have forced us to change our way of life.  It is difficult for each of us but we particularly think about you, the elderly, who probably have more difficulties to organize their daily lives.  First of all, please note that the Mayor is available by phone at 0477/412853 or the city services at 065/377420. Don't hesitate! (Note: the mayor speaks English)
If you cannot go out to do your groceries, we can have one of our city employees at your disposal.  Dial 065/377420 and we will try to help you as soon as possible.  The senior taxi service remains available but only one person at the time.
All grocery stores remain open.  Deliveries and take-away's remain available as well.  Some of the grocery stores have adapted their schedule to allow privileged access to senior citizens.  This is the case at the Delhaize in Jurbise, open for senior citizens between 8 and 9 p.m.

City services remain accessible

However, all services are mainly treated remotely (on line forms, emails, phone and post) www.jurbise.be - info@jurbise.be
If you have an urgent request for which your presence is mandatory, you have to make a prior appointment PRIOR to come to the city hall at 065/377420

Social Allowances - The services remain accessible at 065/324150

Local Police
Citizens are requested to postpone all non-urgent matters.  All requests for information will preferably be done by phone at 065/227440
In case of an emergency, dial 101

Electricity and natural gas
The ORES welcome centres remain open only to charge cards for budget meters (prepaid electricity cards)
All other request will be treated by mail or phone
- scheduled work or connections are cancelled; only urgent connections will be made (power failure, network incidents) in order to ensure supply
- Maintenance and investment works are on hold. The continuity of the supply is ensured and technical problems will be taken care of.  For customers with a budget meter (prepaid energy card), the period of "no forced cutting off' is extended until April 3.

Cardboard and PMC (blue bags)
Hygea is NOT collecting any of these until further notice
Priority is given to regular trash.  Residents should take back the cardboard and blue bags that remain in front of their house.

You can leave your house to:
-work if telework is not an option
-go to the grocery store
-go to the doctor, if the latter has confirmed over the phone that you have to come see him
-go to the pharmacy, but you have to give a prior phone call to the pharmacy
-go to the automatic postal cashier
-go to the bank if you make a prior appointment
-go fuel up your car
-provide assistance to vulnerable people
-do outside activities or take some fresh air with the following restrictions: by yourself or with the people living in your household or with maximum one other person while practising social distancing.

The non-essential stores are closed with the exception of the bookstore and the hairdressers (one customer at the time) while again practising social distancing

For all additional questions, your Mayor Jacqueline Galant is available by phone at 0477/412853 who is in constant liaison with the government services and federal authorities

Possible deliveries in Jurbise:

  • Caterer Floline 065/227739
  • Ferme (farm) Faignart 065/226411 or 0495/920908
  • Chez Francoise (only upon reservation) 0475/970949
  • Chez Annick (upon reservation) 065/225719
  • Bakery Saey (upon reservation) 0478/757376
  • Butcher and Caterer Jean-Pol Mauroy 065/227592
  • Butcher and caterer Stephane Lefebvre 0477/432760
  • Astrid Demaeseneer - Drinks and food 065/235213
  • Pascal Mauroy - Drinks 0495/320465
  • Francois Martin - Fruit and vegetables 0494/168390
  • La Terre d'Herchies 0474/372379
  • PERIGOuRmanD 0477/340700

Take away - Jurbise

  • Delitraiteur (delivers upon reservation 065/311613
  • L'Artisan des Daveurs 065/228671
  • Bakery Thirion 065/568086
  • Aux Delices d'Antoine 065/228605
  • Leonidas 065/391114 (upon reservation only)
  • Restaurants that now do deliveries:
  • Dolce Italia 065/595795 or 0474/127282
  • La Pizzarella 065/319598

Supermarkets - Fuel station sin Jurbise

  • Lidl Jurbise 0800-73520
  • AD Delhaize 065/220511
  • Q8 Shop & Go 065/465363
  • Q8 Jurbise 185, Route d'Ath 065/226485

French fries take away Jurbise

  • Chez Flo 0473/342145
  • Friterie Comme chez Soi 0489/631549
  • La Saliere

Don't take any risk.  If you have a doubt about your health condition, contact your house doctor BY PHONE
We remain at your disposal and take good care of yourself.

(signed) City Secretary and Mayor

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